Our Mission

At the New Generation Church, our mission is the teach men, women, boys and girls how to live without sin, that we may present each perfect in Christ Jesus before the throne of God. To accomplish this, we are persuaded that we must be living examples of God’s word. Showing and demonstrating to all those we encounter that God truly can save us and anyone from sin.

As a part of our mission to teach others, we realize that we cannot teach them if we do not embrace them. So, just as Jesus had compassion and love for those he taught, he also fed them. So we like him, embrace our family, friends and community through the invitation of Come and Dine the Master is calling; so that we can share the good news about Jesus and his saving grace, followed by a sanctified Holy Ghost filling meal, served by the Pastor and the First Lady every 3rd Sunday to all who come. It is also a part of our mission to reach out to our community and let them know that we are here to help and assist those who are less fortunate. With the desire to become an important part of our community we have partnered with The New Kent County Senior Connections organization that was looking for faith-based organizations that would open their doors to house a Friendship café, which would provide hot healthy meals and socialization for the elderly twice a week. We are pleased to provide this assistance and ministry to our community.




Loving God. Loving People.

Want to worship with us?

We are proud to be under the Tutorship of Pastor John A. Smith. A man that is truly led by The Spirit of GOD. We welcome you to come and worship with us.